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A Mala is a sacred strand of 108 beads. 

Malas have been used for thousands of years to help bring focus and power to one's path. Their origins trace back to India and their roots are in Buddhism and Hinduism.

Mala is a Sanskrit word that translates to 'Heavenly Garland'.


Traditionally, Malas were used as a tool to assist in Japa meditation. Japa means 'to recite'.

In this style of meditation, the beads on the Mala are used to mark the repetition of a mantra.

As you pass each bead through your fingers, you recite your mantra. This mindfulness allows us to concentrate our energy on a single point rather than letting it wander. 


The wonderful thing about a Mala is that you decide what it will represent for you. You don't need to have any sort of spiritual practice or meditate with it. You can simply wear it as a beautiful piece of jewelry.

When you put it on, let it fill you with confidence and inspire you.

Let it remind you of all the amazing things you are capable of. Having that constant, gentle reminder is surprisingly powerful. It helps bring your awareness back to the path you are on.

WHY 108?

Malas have 108 beads. So why 108? 

It can be said that there are 108 reasons why 108 is a spiritually significant and auspicious number.


NUMBERS: 1 symbolizes truth, 0 symbolizes completeness, 8 symbolizes infinity

GODDESS NAMES: 108 Indian goddess names

SUN & EARTH: The diameter of the sun is said to be 108 times the diameter of the earth

EMOTIONS: 108 human emotions, 36 connected to past, 36 to present, 36 to the future

DESIRES: 108 earthly desires

SANSKRIT ALPHABET: 54 letters, each has a feminine and masculine version - totalling 108

UPANISHADS: 108 texts of wisdom written by the ancient sages

ASTROLOGY: 12 houses and 9 planets and 12x9 equals 108


Lastly, the reason that resonates the most;


HEART CHAKRA: Our bodies have thousands of 'nadis' or energy channels running through them. 108 of those energy lines converge at the heart, forming the heart chakra. The heart is the location of our soul and our authentic power. 

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